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2015-01-07 20:59:07 by thenullinfinite

open for commsisions

2014-11-12 10:13:53 by thenullinfinite

First off please refer to my other accounts to look at my galleries to judge wether or not I'm worth it

My price range for a single commission fully colored and rendered is 10-25 usd, the more you pay the more drawings you get.

feel free to pm here on new grounds or contact me via email



Help me pay my bills!!!

Commissions Open!

2014-06-02 14:49:36 by thenullinfinite

First I'd like to say I'm sorry I'm hardly ever on here anymore to those that like me but I originally opened a NG account to put some flash stuff up but that never went anywhere. Anyway...


Commissions prices are as follows

digi sketch- 10 usd

full color- 20 usd

5 dollars per additional character

I don't care about doing lewd or anything, pm me if you're interested


2013-10-09 22:34:46 by thenullinfinite

Fat bitches with dicks... egosaur- shit. Game Grumps?!